Usage over time

French-Touch over time

When was the expression first used? Who coined the expression first? Has the meaning changed over time?

Many of those questions are near impossible to answer. However there is an interesting tool from Google which will let us plot the frequency with which this expression was used over time.

<iframe name=”ngram_chart” src=”” width=900 height=500 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>

While the data from the n-grams need to be dealt with carefully. Let’s have a look at different dates:

  • 1830: hard to say.
  • 1949: most likely the release of the novel.
  • 1990: this peak coincides with the french touch house music.
  • g

What is is about discussing the specifics of the french-touch.

This blog started after reading multiple news article which mentionned the french-touch1,2,3,… but never explained what it was referrring to.

It is also about discussing how the french culture and ways of doing things can bring a much needed diversity in a world falling at lighting speed under the influence of english speaking media and artists.

While many aspects of the french-touch are of relevance, this blog will mostly focus on the technology aspects of it. But beware, since technology touches almost any aspects of our lives this blog will adressing a pretty broad range of topics.

Obviously, other old world reaching cultures like China, Turkey,Nigeria, … or new upcoming ones like Brazil could also bring another point of view but we will leave this to people knowing those culture well enough to talk about them.

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