Fashion, Technology and Trends

Fashion, Technology and Trends

It’s easy to gather on the internet articles which summarize the evolution of clothes. For instance, Buzzfeed has created some viral videos regarding the evolution of clothing in the western world.

Another completely unrelated field in the technology world. This field features the appearance of gadgets and software products whose existence is made possible thanks to the latest advancements in technology and linked to the time those breakthrough appeared.

Both worlds are based on trends and feature important actors that have changed everything (Fashion by Coco Chanel for example and Technology by Steve Jobs). Those figures are extremely public and are representative of the breakthrough of the time they lived in.

And more importantly, both fields are marked by followers. Trends are made to be followed, copied, venerated … So it is worth to ask ourselves the question: why people do follow trends instead of deciding by themselves.

It seems people have a limited amount of decisions per day. This phenomenon is called Decision Fatigue. This explains why people would delegate certain decisions to external parties like recognized elites or public figures. This delegation process requires trust and the trust is usually reached through social agreement.

Another example is in Quantum physics where the Copenhagen Interpretation. This interpretation comes from Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg and they are regarded as the main experts in this field. It is the most commonly taught quantum physics interpretation but as the wikipedia article shows, it is not the only one …


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french touch lost for online fashion?

Lost French-Touch for fashion with online retail?

A recent article made me wonder if the French fashion had lost its touch given the prevalance of english and german online fashion brands (respectively Asos and Zalando).

While the dominant haute-couture is not yet impacted by the online sales (wait … did I hear someone mention Amazon )?

Recent news however suggest french fashion is now playing catch-up with 6 deals so far which is higher than other countries.

The question for which we will try to give an answer in the coming months and years: will this be enough?

What is

What is the french way ?

We know some old cliches: the accent, the cuisine, the glamour (as shown in the french bashing documentary). It is an abstract concept that is difficult to describe. We can start perhaps to grasp this concept by listing some well known french actors in the world.

In the dance music industry, the french touch is a very influencial EDM (Euro Dance Music) type of music, known for “its characteristics which include disco samples, robotic vocals and heavy filter and phaser effects”. Those were very successful in the 90’s but now they are showing their aging.

In the videogame industry, Ubisoft is a well established brands with a very unique graphical and story-telling style. They are the creators of series like Assasin’s Creed or Far Cry, that were very original at the time and put Ubisoft in the list of AAA games developper. However, they have not innovated since then, which can be seen in the opinion of some gamers.

I guess you start to see the pattern. Same can be said about the nuclear energy in France, the education system with the Grandes Ecoles, the french traditional cuisine, … Even the french luxury brands are surviving not thanks to traditional customers but asian people who are discovering the brand now.

So it is interesting to understand why this is happening in the french industry. I think the main reason this happens relies on the way french cultivate excellence. They do not nurture creativity or motivate people. Instead, they rely on a very strict and rigurous selection system that provides almost all the ressources to a few in the top. Every school or system is ranked and the top 10 almost get all ressources. This means that the cost of not being in the top is REALLY high and explains why change is not permitted once you are in the top. This can be applied to almost any field in France.

So how does France renew itself then ? Well, outside of this ranking system, there are many people who have been left out or have chosen not to be part of it. France has one of the most creative startup systems in the world (and if they are not in the France they are somewhere else). Ebay founder is french for instance. The french indie game ecosystem is very powerful winning regularly prizes on worldwide events.

So what are they waiting for to be well known ? They need the big players to give them the opportunity which can only happen if they disappear or consumers switch massively to the new products. started as a prototype and has now millions of players wordwide. Dofus started as a pet project of two french guys and they have now television series and more videogames.

And so the cycle starts again.


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